11th – 2015

The 11th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards of 2015Special thanks to the following sponsors:
Best Renaissance Festival
  1. Bristol Renaissance Faire
  2. Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
  3. Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Best New Renaissance Festival 3 years or younger
  1. Rosenvolk Medieval Festival
  2. The Nottingham Festival
  3. Carnevale Fantastico
Best New Musical Show
  1. Bell Book and Canto
  2. Better Than Nun
  3. The Maguire Brothers
Best Musical Group Stage Show
  1. Righteous Blackguards
  2. Tartanic
  3. Sirena
Best Non-Musical Group Stage Show
  1. Barely Balanced
  2. Washing Well Wenches
  3. Wonder Elixir of Life
Best Music Solo Stage Show
  1. Friar Finnegan
  2. Cast in Bronze
  3. Craig of Farrington
Best Non-Musical Solo Stage Show
  1. MooNie the Magnif’Cent
  2. Shakespeare Approves!
  3. Zilch the Torysteller
Best Comedy Musical Stage Show
  1. Musical Blades
  2. Hey Nunny Nunny
  3. 2 Merry Men
Best Non-Musical Comedy Stage Show
  1. Tortuga Twins
  2. Renaissance Rumble
  3. Wise Fools Improv

Best Solo Street Performance
  1. Gabriel the Plague Doctor
  2. Vince Conaway
  3. Twig the Fairy
Best Group Street Performance
  1. Bristol Buskin Frolic
  2. Queen Beatrice
  3. Beefcake and Olive
Best Bawdy Show
  1. Iris and Rose
  2. Looney Lucy and Ploppy
  3. Naughty Bawdy Brigade
Best Stage Combat Group Show
  1. The Swordsmen: Dirk and Guido
  2. Don Juan and Miguel
  3. Bawdily Harm
Best Jousting Troupe
  1. Noble Cause Productions
  2. The Jousters
  3. Heroic Knights of Old
Best Dance Troupe
  1. The Vodca Family
  2. Danse Macabre from Southern CA
  3. Black Isles Bellydance
Best Children’s Show
  1. Cutlass Cooking
  2. Fool Hearty
  3. Unicorn Productions
Best Historical Show
  1. Viking Encampment from MN
  2. Saint Andrew’s Noble Order of Royal Scots
  3. Renaissance Masters Pavilion
Best Shop Vendor
  1. Mockingbird Studio
  2. Pendragon Costumes
  3. Fellowship Foundry
Best Faire Photography
  1. Photography by Michael Ulrich
  2. John Karpinsky
  3. Ron Tencati Photography
Best Faire Web Community
  1. PaRenFaire.net
  2. RenaissanceFestival.com
  3. Ren Faire Dating
Best Food
  1. Turkey Legs
  2. Scotch Eggs
  3. Cheese Fritters
Best Drink
  1. Mead
  2. Beer
  3. Sassafras

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