17th - 2021

The 17th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards

The Awards are sponsored by this podcast and brought to you by the Renaissance Festival Awards Committee.

There were 1,833 Votes in 29 Categories. 

Catagories were limited due to participation. 

We had 63 performers, 28 Festivals, and 56 Merchants register this year.

Favorite Medieval Festivals

First Place

Camelot Days Medieval Festival

3300 N. Park Rd.  Hollywood  Florida

Opening day: November 6

Lenth of Faire: 3 weekends

Inaugural Year: 2003


Second Place

Tennessee Medieval Faire

550 Fiske Rd, Harriman, TN 37748

Opening day: Oct 2-3, 9-10, 16-17

Lenth of Faire: 3 weekends

Inaugural Year: 2015


Third Place

Avalon Faire 

1076 FM 1252 W   Kilgore  TEXAS

Opening day: April 17th 

Lenth of Faire: 5 weekends

Inaugural Year: 2015


Favorite Renaissance Festival 1st Choice

First Place

Bristol Renaissance Faire

12550 120th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53142

Opening day: July 10, 2021

Lenth of Faire: 9 weekends

Inaugural Year: 1998


Second Place

Louisiana Renaissance Festival

46468 River Road  Hammond  Louisiana

Opening day: November 6, 2021

Lenth of Faire: 6 weekends

Inaugural Year: 2000


Third Place

The Georgia Renaissance Festival

6905 Virlyn B. Smith Road  Fairburn, GA 30213

Opening day: May 1, 2021

Lenth of Faire: 7 weekends

Inaugural Year: 1986


Favorite Renaissance Festival 2nd Choice

First Place

Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire

12835 County Landfill Road  Tavares, FL 

Opening day: November 5, 2021

Lenth of Faire: 2 weekends

Inaugural Year: 2002


Second Place

Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow 

4051 Dean Ave   Des Moines   Iowa

Opening day: September 4th 

Lenth of Faire: 3 weekends

Inaugural Year: 2005


Third Place

Kerrville Renaissance Festival

3785 TX-27  Kerrville, TX 78013

Opening day: January 29, 2021

Lenth of Faire: 2 weekends

Inaugural Year: 2017


Favorite Renaissance Festival 3rd Choice

First Place

Koroneburg Renaissance Festival

14600 Baron Dr, Eastvale, CA 92880

Inaugural Year: 1998


Second Place

Lakewood Lions Renaissance Fair

Country Club Dr  Lakewood  NJ   

Opening day: September 18, 2021

Lenth of Faire: 1 weekend

Inaugural Year: 1981

The website is unknown.

Third Place

Bayonne Renaissance Festival

189 West 16th Street, Bayonne, New Jersey

Length of Festival: 1 weekend

Inaugural date of the festival: 2015

Website is Unknown

Leather Craftsman

First Place

Boar's Head Leather


Hand made leather mugs and other leather products proudly made in St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Second Place

Thatcher's Leather Artistry


Costume accessories; belts, bracers, pouches, frogs, baldrics, sheathes, etc. 

Third Place

Ye Scurvy Dog


Swords, knives, and custom leather and costuming.

Perfumes, Oils Candles, Incense, and Soap Merchants

First Place

The Soap Gypsy 


Soaps, Salts, Oils, Crowns, and Apothecary Goods

Second Place

Wood, Willow & Whatknots

Website Unknown
Oils, Incense, soap, hand-burned wooden art, and hand-beaded jewelry.

Third Place

Global Scents


We manufacture and produce Essential oils, Essential incense, scent amulets, resin incense, incense burners and smokers and bathing crystals, and custom scented lotions.

Wood Crafts

First Place

Oakheart Armory


Hand-made and painted wood shields for steel fighters, laypersons, cosplayers, and children.  Wood swords and Custom leatherworking. 

Second Place

Bowskin Archery


Handcrafted traditional, historical, fantasy archery products, missile weaponry, and micro tannery

Third Place

Rotten Dave's Wooden Mugs


Wooden beer/coffee mugs, bowls, platters, Crotchet toys, Crotchet bags

Wearable Accessories

First Place



Hidden Watches in various themes. They pin on and flip down to keep anachronistically correct at Faire.

Second Place

Lost Viking's Hoard

No Website Submitted

Wares to complete your inner Viking 

Third Place

AC5 Chainmaille


Handcrafted Chain and Scalemaille Jewelry and Armor

Glass, Ceramic, and Pottery

First Place

KC Pottery


we specialize in functional reduction fired stoneware

Second Place

Reannag Teine


Historically inspired pottery for the modern person

Third Place

Diaz Art Glass

Website Unknown

Hand sculpted glass featuring sea life, wildlife, and fantasy


First Place

Dragon's Head Forge


Blacksmith & Metal Sculpture

Second Place

Blackhawk Metal Works


Hand-poured pewter figurines and bubble wands made out of recycled copper and brass. Metal art/silhouettes.

Third Place

Daydream Dragons


Handmade polymer clay dragon figurines

Purveyor of Goods

First Place

Arte of the Booke


Bookseller. We offer published books, writing supplies, handbound journals, calligraphy artwork, and wax seals.

Second Place

Enchanted Huts


Create Your Own Fairy House or Gnome Hut Craft Kit, Activity craft booth, or take home a kit to make later

Third Place

Father, Son, & Friends


A medieval mercantile with a Celtic flair

Food and Drink Vendor

First Place

The Peacock Tea Room

The Peacock tea Room is an open-air, rustic, English-style Tea Room inside the Georgia Renaissance festival grounds. We serve 46 types of teas, iced and hot along with sweet and savory menu items.

Second Place

Garlic Festival Shop


Our family makes garlic-based spices, pickled garlic, salsa, and marinades

Third Place

Mels magickal meals


Hand pies, Scotch Eggs, loaded potatoes, Texas chili, 

Drink at Faire

First Place


Second Place

Hard Cider

Third Place


Food at Faire

First Place

Scottish Eggs

Second Place

Turkey Legs

Third Place

Soup in a Bread Bowl

Apparel Booth

First Place

Catskill Mountain Moccasins 


Custom hand made footwear

Second Place

Red Falcon


Everything from stainless and leather armor to leather accessories – pouches, belts, fascinations- to leather and cloth clothing, corsets, and coats.

Third Place


(Hair Brading and Henna Art)

First Place

French Braids by Twisted Sisters


Quality Hair Braids for Discerning Gentlefolk

Second Place

Henna Illuminata


At Henna Illuminata we use only the highest quality 100% natural henna, and our expert artists are well versed in both traditional and modern designs. 

Third Place

Manes Managed

Manes Managed creates historical and fantasy braided hairstyles.

Toys, Games, and Entertainment

First Place

Dragonfly's Realm


Ancient board games in both wood and our patent-pending pouched game format as well as puzzles and novelties.

Second Place


Forest Quest (AKA: Albright Quest, Medieval Quest


Players purchase a scroll from an NPC and explore the festival deducing riddles, finding clues in order to solve a puzzle, and being celebrated for their heroism.

Third Place

East Wind Games


A game, books, tarot shop with a focus on historical and history-themed goods.

Handmade Art

First Place

Arts Emporium

The website is unknown.
Calligraphy, custom artwork, and some magical tools such as wands

Second Place

Studio de Sade


We are a Columbus-based, pirate-themed art studio that creates archival quality prints of our work, which includes both original gallery art and art deco interpretations of pop culture images.

Third Place

Haires Magical Wears


Handcrafts Fantasy Wire ear cuffs, Dragon wands made from real horn and crystals, and cast aulter plaques. We also hand-carved drinking horns/cups and cut war horns and chauffeur's alone with hand-stitched leather holders.

Online Garb Retailer

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Online Accessories Retailer

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Physical Stage Act

First Place

Clan Tynker Circus 


Clan Tynker is a troupe of brothers and sisters who perform a stunning array of talents in a fanciful Vaudeville style of Circus. Their all-ages show presents an amazing menagerie of entertainment from around the world

Second Place

Adam Crack


Fire Whip Show 

Third Place

Hips of Destruction


Hips of Destruction is a Menhat dance troupe that also uses dangerous props such as swords and fire.

Story Tellers

First Place

Spark the Fairy


Spark the Fairy has been touring the country performing at numerous Renaissance & Fairy festivals since 2015. She encourages others to believe in themselves, to share love and acceptance for all, as well as renew the wonder and magic each person carries within. 

Second Place

Duchess of Yorkshire Pudding

The Duchess comes from a land far away, raised in Lemon Drop Village before she lived in Yorkshire Pudding. She transformed the whole kingdom into a happy place and even tamed a dragon. She will regale you with her tales and keep you entertained with stories and songs.

Third Place

Black Lips Bonny


Traveler, Storyteller, and, most importantly, definitely Not a Highwayman.

Comedy Acts

First Place

Shakespeare Approves!


Award-winning, family-friendly, audience-interactive, improvisational comedy Shakespeare show!

Second Place

Arthur Greenleaf Holmes


Scandalous. Licentious. Madly impolitic...and wildly inappropriate.  Arthur Greenleaf Holmes recites his irresponsible oeuvre in a show that is by turns lyrical, indecent, and surprisingly illuminating.

Third Place

MooNiE the Magnif’Cent


Juggler, Ropewalker, FooLisH MorTaL!

Large Musical Acapella or Instrumental Stage Act

First Place

Myschyffe Managed 


An NH-based Cappella group specializing in Renaissance period madrigals but known for performing Queen for the Queen. ;)

Second Place

Bounding Main


Bounding Main - “Beautiful Harmonies with a Maritime Flair!” Their shows are filled with spirit, humor, and harmony; their arrangements of traditional maritime music bring the listener into the world of fellowship, adventure, and romance.

Third Place

Fandazzi Fire Circus


Fandazzi Fire is a dynamic, family-friendly performance company committed to the entertainment of all audience members regardless of background or age. We present to our fans a highly energized display of fire, music, and dance known to consistently break the bounds of what is possible on stage. 

Large Musical Stage Act

First Place



Tartanic takes its audiences on an unparalleled sonic experience with both traditional and not-so-traditional music, dance, and comedy.

Second Place

The CRAIC Show


A wildly entertaining musical show consisting of Medieval Bagpipes, Renaissance Harmonium, Classical Violin, and massive percussions. These then blend with male and female vocals which sing story-like songs that all enjoy.

Third Place

Musical Blades 


For over 20 years on the high seas, Musical Blades have delighted and excited audiences with their own blend of traditional, original, nautical music with a side dish of comedy!

Small Musical Variety Stage Act

First Place

Celtic Mayhem


With their remarkable three-part vocal harmony, a variety of acoustic instruments, and a sense of musical whimsey. Celtic Mayhem has delighted audiences all over the world.

Second Place

3 Pints Gone


Third Place

Bardy Pardy


Bardy Pardy is a singing trio (Hannah Ward, Chelsea Carlson, & Stephanie M. Krause), and they are delighted to bring their brand of lower-class musical shenanigans to the faire.  If you are looking for some stylish and fun music sung by dirty peasants, then you are invited to the party... the Bardy Pardy!

Small Acapella or Instrumental Sage Acts

First Place

Chaste Treasure


Truly a treasure, but questionably chaste, the ladies of Chaste Treasure delight their audiences across the country with tight harmonies, witty banter, and sassy double entendre.

Second Place



Pictus has been thrilling audiences all over the country with their unique take on primal drums & bagpipes. You can feel the thunder of the war drums and hear the call of the great Highland bagpipes and let the music lift your spirits, stir your soul and speak to the voice of your ancestors.

Third Place

Haggis Rampant


Bagpipes, drums, and banter. It's a family show because we're related!

Musical Acts Mainly in the Lanes

First Place

Vince Conaway


Vince Conaway is a musician and composer who can be found performing on hammered dulcimer throughout the Americas and Europe with music ranging through original, medieval, and renaissance repertoires

Second Place

Bristol Buskin' Frolic


The Bristol Buskin Frolic, BBF for short, is the life of the party on the streets of Bristol! Variety through and through, we sing, dance, joke, and juggle about the city!

Third Place

Apryl Knight


Music from many times and many lands on WAY too many instruments!

Musical Acts Mainly on the Stage

First Place

The Pride of Ireland


Singing songs that are Irish, and songs that wish they were, combined with toasts, jokes, stories, and more.  The Pride of Ireland brings the traditional craic of the Emerald Isle to festivals all over the country.

Second Place

Ménage À Moi Comedy


Bawdy and classy, Ménage à Moi is an adult content show that delivers without being offensive or vulgar.   Through a combination of vaudevillian audience engagement and traditional stand-up, the audience is consistently laughing, blushing, and singing along. 

Third Place

Marc Gunn


Marc Gunn plays Sci F'Irish music. He fuses his love of science fiction, fantasy, and comedy with his Scots-Irish heritage. You will laugh and smile at songs inspired by Firefly to hobbits, dragons to cats, to traditional Irish drinking songs. He's topped the charts on iTunes and Amazon and won numerous awards. He is a leading innovator on his musical weapon of choice, the autoharp.

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