8th - 2012

8th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards

Special thanks to the following sponsors:
Renaissance Festivals
Best Renaissance Festival
  1. Bristol Rennaissance Faire, www.renfair.com/bristol/
  2. Scarborough Rennaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com/
  3. Carolina Rennaissance Festival, www.royalfaires.com/carolina/
  4. Minnesota Renaissance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com/
  5. Texas Renaissance Festival, www.texrenfest.com/
Best New Renaissance Festival (3 years or younger)
  1. Sherwood Renaissance Festival, www.sherwoodforestfaire.com
  2. BlackRock Medieval Summerfest, www.blackrockfest.com
  3. Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Festival, www.mfrenfaire.com
  4. Door County Renaissance Fantasy Faire, www.doorcowirenaissance.com
  5. Glen fests; www.glenfests.com
Best New CD Released in 2012
  1. “The Trouble With An Orgy” by Axel The Sot
  2. “Sirena” by Sirena
  3. “Beg, Borrow, and Steal” by The Jolly Rogers
  4. “Cocked & Loaded” by Bocca Musica
  5. “Do It Like You’re Drunk” by the Dregs
  6. Stage Shows
Best Music Group (non-comedy music performance)
  1. Tartanic, www.tartanic.net
  2. Circa Paleo, www.circapaleo.com
  3. Empty Hats, www.emptyhats.com
  4. Sirena, http://www.wearesirena.com/
  5. Cu-Dubh, www.cudubh.com
Best Non-Musical Group (non-comedy performance)
  1. Circus Stella, www.circusstella.com
  2. Alice the Cook, www.alicethecook.com
  3. Suitcase Shakespeare, www.suitcaseshakes.org
  4. Sky Kings Falconry, www.skykingsfalconry.com
  5. Clan Tynker, www.clantynker.com
Best Comedy Musical Show (comedy performance, group or solo)
  1. Hey, Nunnie Nunnie, www.heynunnienunnie.com
  2. Iris and Rose, www.iris-n-rose.com
  3. The Jolly Rogers, www.chivalry.com/jollyrogers/
  4. The Village Idiots, www.facebook.com/the.village.idiots
  5. The Dregs, www.the-dregs.net
Best Non-Musical Comedy Show (non-musical, comedy performance, group or solo)
  1. Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
  2. Barley Balanced, www.barelybalanced.com
  3. Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
  4. MooNiE and Broon, www.moonieandbroon.com
  5. Ded Bob Show, www.dedbob.com
Best Music Solo Show
  1. Owain Phyfe, www.owainphyfe.com
  2. Cast In Bronze, www.castinbronze.com
  3. Abby Green,www.abbygreen.com
  4. Craig of Farrington, www.craigminstrel.com
  5. Axle the Sot, www.chivalry.com/axel/
Best Non-Musical Solo Show
  1. Moonie the Magnificent, www.moonieandbroon.com
  2. Zilch the Torysteller, www.torysteller.com
  3. Ded Bob, www.dedbob.com
  4. Adam Crack Fire Whip Show, www.winrichwhips.com
  5. Broon, www.moonieandbroon.com
Best Bawdy Show: (primarily Adult-Oriented, musical or non-musical)
  1. The Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
  2. Iris n’ Rose, www.iris-n-rose.com
  3. Axle the Sot, www.chivalry.com/axel
  4. Bocca Musica, www.boccamusica.com
  5. Christophe the Insultorwww.christopherbuehlman.com
Best Stage Combat Group (on stage or in the street)
  1. Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
  2. Bawdily Harm, www.facebook.com/Bawdily.Harm
  3. The Fight Cast – By the Sword from the Bristol Renaissance Faire
  4. Fight School, www.freewebs.com/fightschool101
  5. Vixens En garde, vixensengarde.posterous.com
Best Jousting Troupe
  1. Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre, www.hanlon-lees.com
  2. Noble Cause Productions, www.noblecausejoust.com
  3. Freelancers, www.facebook.com/pages/The-Free-Lancers/90519071905
  4. Knights of Mayhem, www.knightsofmayhem.com
  5. Knights of Valour, www.knightsofvalour.ca
Best Dance Troupe (on stage or in the street)
  1. Masala Gypsy Dancers, www.masalafusiondance.com
  2. Jewels of the caravan, www.magic-hips.com/bio/jewels_of_the_caravan
  3. Country Garden Dancers, cgdancers.webs.com
  4. Gypsy Dance Theatre, www.gdtlive.com
  5. Tribal de Luna, www.marozniabellydance.com/tribal_de_luna_gypsy_dancers
Best Children’s Stage Show (musical or non-musical, on stage, group or solo)
  1. Alleyn Apprentice Players
  2. Fool Hearty, www.foolhearty.com
  3. Robin Hood and Maid Marian, www.patfranz.com
  4. Cutlass Cooking, www.printfection.com/cutlasscooking
  5. Noobler the Tinker Gnome, www.nooblerthetinkergnome.com
Street Performances
Best Solo Performance (One person, musical or non-musical on the streets and primarily NOT on stage)
  1. Twig the Fairy, www.twigthefairy.com
  2. Jane the Phoole, blog.phoole.com
  3. Craig of Farrington, www.craigminstrel.com
  4. Sarah Marie Mullen, www.sarahtheharpist.com
  5. Owain Phyfe, www.owainphyfe.com
Best Group Performance (musical or non-musical, on the streets and primarily NOT on stage)
  1. Scarborough Celtic Troupe, www.facebook.com/deidre.davidrson1
  2. Sea Sirens, www.facebook.com/TheSeaSirens
  3. Nickel Shakespeare Girls, www.nickelshakespearegirls.com
  4. Thoren Grymm’s Pub Crawl, www.facebook.com/ThorensPubCrawl
  5. Fantastikals, www.facebook.com/pages/Fantastikals-at-the-Renaissance-Pleasure-Faire/369957299682605
Best Street Cast (Name of Renaissance Festival)
  1. Bristol Renaissance Festival, www.renfair.com/bristol
  2. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com
  3. Minnesota Renaissance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com
  4. Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, www.parenfaire.com
  5. Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.rennfest.com
Best Opening Gate Show (A Renaissance Festival)
  1. Bristol Renaissance Festival, www.renfair.com/bristol
  2. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com
  3. Minnesota Renaissance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com
  4. Carolina Renaissance Festival, www.royalfaires.com/carolina
  5. Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, www.parenfaire.com
Best Royalty (Court name)
  1. Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles (Scarborough Renaissance Festival),www.facebook.com/QueenMargaretofScotlandandtheIsles
  2. Guilde of St. George (Bristol Renaissance Faire), www.stgeorgebristol.org
  3. Minnesota Royal Court (Minnesota Renaissance festival),www.facebook.com/pages/Minnesota-Royal-Court/146123492085457?fref=ts
  4. St. Andrews Royal Order of Noble Scots, (Northern California),www.facebook.com/pages/Saint-Andrews-Noble-Order-of-Royal-Scots/372789759870
  5. Tennessee Royal Court
Best Shop Vendor
  1. Nomadic Dreams Boutique, www.nomadicdreamsboutique.com
  2. Sons of Sandlarwww.sonofsandlar.com
  3. Moresca Clothing & Costume, www.moresca.com
  4. Pendragon Costumes, www.pendragoncostumes.com
  5. Wayward Ware Children’s Clothing, www.waywardware.com
Best Food
  1. Turkey Legs
  2. Scotch Eggs
  3. Bread bowls
  4. Cheese Fritters
  5. Steak on a Stick
Best Drink
  1. Mead
  2. Sassafras
  3. Thorin’s Viking Mead
  4. BEER
  5. Cider
Best Faire Photography
  1. Gar Travis Photography, www.garphoto.com/faire/
  2. Photography on the Run, www.pbase.com/paul42
  3. Michael Ulrich photography, www.michaelulrich.com
  4. Ivan Phillips
  5. Kevin Hedgecock Photography, www.kevinhedgecockphoto.com
Best Faire Web Community
  1. Pa ren faire, www.parenfaire.net
  2. RenaissanceFestival.com, www.renaissancefestival.com
  3. MDRF Friends of Faire, mdfof.proboards.com/index.cgi
  4. World of Rennies, www.worldofrennies.com
  5. AtTheFaire.com, www.atthefaire.com/index.htm
Best Renaissance Festival Magazine
  1. Renaissance Magazine, www.renaissancemagazine.com
  2. faerie Magazine, www.faeriemagazine.com
  3. Pyrates Way, www.pyratesway.com
  4. The Buck and Mug
  5. Mermaid and Mythology Magazine, www.themermaidmagazine.com
Best Renaissance Faire Fan Page
  1. Bristol Renaissance Faire Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/bristol.faire
  2. Texas Renaissance Festival Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/texrenfest
  3. Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles Facebook Page,www.facebook.com/QueenMargaretofScotlandandtheIsles
  4. I love Bawdy Renaissance Festivals Facebook Page,www.facebook.com/BawdyRenFests
  5. Minnesota Renaissance Festival facebook page,www.facebook.com/minnesotarenaissancefestival

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