6th - 2010

6th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Best Renaissance Festival:
  1. Texas Renaissance Festival, www.texrenfest.com
  2. Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.rennfest.com
  3. Carolina Renaissance Festival, www.royalfaires.com/carolina
  4. Minnesota Renaissance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com/MRF
  5. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com

Best New Renaissance Festival:
(3 years or younger)
  1. Sherwood Renaissance Festival, www.sherwoodforestfaire.com
  2. Robin Hood’s Springtime Festival, www.ctfaire.com/spring
  3. Barataria Springfield Pirate and Fairy Faire, www.baratariafaire.com
  4. Chippewa Valley Renaissance Festival, www.festfun.com
  5. Winslowshire, www.winslowshire.com
Best New CD Released in 2010:
  1. 3 LBS. of Rage – The Rogues, www.therogues.com
  2. Epic win – The Village Idiots, www.facebook.com/the.village.idiots
  3. Score – Jolly Rogers, www.chivalry.com/jollyrogers
  4. Drynk of Choice – Bocca Musica, www.boccamusica.com
  5. Out of the Box! – Pandora Celtica, www.pandoraceltica.com
Best Music Group:
  1. The Rogues, www.therogues.com
  2. Tartanic, www.tartanic.net
  3. Empty Hats, www.emptyhats.com
  4. Jolly Rogers, www.chivalry.com/jollyrogers
  5. Pyrates Royale, www.pyrates.com
Best Non-Musical Group:
  1. The Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
  2. Barely Balanced, www.barelybalanced.com
  3. Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
  4. London Broil, www.thelondonbroilshow.com
  5. Hack n’ Slash, www.hackandslash.com
Best Music Solo Act:
  1. Cast in Bronze, www.castinbronze.com
  2. Owain Phyfe, www.owainphyfe.com
  3. Sarah Marie Mullen, www.sarahmariemullen.com
  4. Jesse Linder, www.facebook.com/pages/Jesse-Linder/32216443382
  5. Abby Green, www.abbygreen.com
Best Non-Musical Solo Act:
  1. Zilch the Torysteller, www.torysteller.com
  2. Ded Bob Show, www.dedbob.com
  3. Daniel Greenwolf, www.greenwolfmagic.com
  4. MooNIE the Magnificent, www.philipearl.com
  5. Thomas Wood the Pyrojuggler, www.pyrojuggler.com
Best Comedy-Musical Act:
  1. Hey, Nunnie, Nunnie, www.heynunnienunnie.com
  2. The Village Idiots, www.facebook.com/the.village.idiots
  3. O’Danny Girls, www.comedyindc.com/odanny.htm
  4. The Limeybirds, www.limeybirds.com
  5. Pirate Shantyman and the Bonnie Lass, www.savagegrace.org/pirates
Best Non-Music Comedy Act:
  1. Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
  2. Ded Bob Show, www.dedbob.com
  3. Barely Balanced, www.barelybalanced.com
  4. Moonie the Magnificent, www.philipearl.com
  5. Arsene Dupin, www.arsenedupin.com
Best Street Solo Act:
  1. Twig the Fairy, www.twigthefairy.com
  2. Jayna Lee Aerial Acrobatic, www.jaynaleeshow.com
  3. Vince Conaway, www.vinceconaway.com
  4. Emrys Fleet, The Rat Catcher, www.scarlettrat.com
  5. Hob the Troll, www.hobthetroll.com
Best Street Group Performance:
  1. Nickel Shakespeare Girls, www.nickelshakespearegirls.com
  2. Sea Sirens, www.facebook.com/TheSeaSirens
  3. Street Circus, www.mounthopestreetcircus.com
  4. Out of the Box, mimioutofthebox.blogspot.com
  5. Aerial Angels, www.angelsintheair.com
Best Street Cast:
  1. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com
  2. Minnesota Reniassance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com/MRF
  3. Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.rennfest.com
  4. Texas Renaissance Festival, www.texrenfest.com
  5. Bristol Renaissance Festival, www.renfair.com/bristol
Best Stage Combat Group:
  1. Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
  2. Fight School, www.period-productions.com/FightSchool.html
  3. Hack n Slash, www.hackandslash.com
  4. The Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
  5. New York Renaissance Faire Fight Corps, www.renfair.com/NY
Best Bawdy Act:
  1. Iris n’ Rose, www.iris-n-rose.com
  2. The Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
  3. O’Danny Girls, www.comedyindc.com/odanny.htm
  4. The Village Washer Wenches, www.facebook.com/pages/The-Village-Washer-Wenches/342231001957
  5. Sound and fury, www.soundandfury.org
Best Jousting Troupe:
  1. Noble Cause Productions, www.noblecausejoust.com
  2. Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre, www.hanlon-lees.com
  3. Freelancers – Fully Armored Jousting, www.facebook.com/pages/The-Free-Lancers/90519071905
  4. Paragon Jousting, www.paragonjousting.com
  5. Warhorse Productions, www.warhorse.com
Best Dance Troupe:
  1. Masala Middle Eastern Dance Fusion, www.masalafusion.org
  2. Jewels of the Caravan, www.magic-hips.com/performance.html
  3. Shunyata Belly Dance Troupe, www.shunyatabellydance.com
  4. Tribal de Luna Belly Dancing, www.marozniabellydance.com/tribal_de_luna_gypsy_dancers
  5. Lotus Dance Studio, www.lotusdancestudio.com
Best Children’s Act:
  1. Foolhearty, www.foolhearty.com
  2. Robin Hood/St. George and the Dragon, www.patfranz.com
  3. Rosalita’s puppets, www.rosalitaspuppets.com
  4. Noobler the Tinker Gnome, www.nooblerthetinkergnome.com
  5. Zilch the TorySteller, www.torysteller.com
Best Opening Gate Show:
  1. Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.rennfest.com
  2. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com
  3. Minnesota Renaissance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com/MRF
  4. Texas Renaissance Festival, www.texrenfest.com
  5. New York Renaissance Festival, www.renfair.com/NY
Best Royalty:
  1. Minnesota’s Royal Court, www.facebook.com/pages/Minnesota-Royal-Court/146123492085457
  2. Scarborough’s Royal Court, www.srfestival.com
  3. Pennsylvania ‘s Royal Court, www.parenfaire.com
  4. Maryland’s Royal Court, www.rennfest.com
  5. The Guilde of St. George – Bristol, www.renfair.com/bristol
Best Shop Vendor:
  1. Moresca Clothing, www.moresca.com
  2. Pendragon Costumes, www.pendragoncostumes.com
  3. Lusty Leather, www.lustyleather.com
  4. Ravenswood Leather, www.ravenswoodleather.net
  5. Felix’s Needleworthy, www.needleworthy.com
Best Food:
  1. Turkey Leg
  2. Bread bowls
  3. Steak-on-a-stick
  4. Scottish Eggs
  5. The pickle
Best Faire Photography:
  1. On the Run Photography, www.pbase.com/paul42
  2. MajikBoxMan, www.majikboxman.com
  3. Kevin Hedgecock, www.kevinhedgecockphoto.com
  4. Michael Urich, www.michaelulrich.com/photography
  5. Michael Erana
Best Faire Web Community:
  1. PA Ren Faire community, www.parenfaire.net
  2. Friends of The Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.friendsofmdrf.org
  3. RenaissanceFestival.com, www.renaissancefestival.com
  4. NErennies, www.nerennies.net
  5. Friends of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, mrffriends.tripod.com
Best Renaissance Festival Magazine:
  1. Rennaisance Magazine, www.renaissancemagazine.com
  2. Faire Magazine, www.fairemagazine.com
  3. Pyrates Way, www.pyratesway.com
  4. Faerie Magazine, www.faeriemagazine.com
  5. Pirates Magazine, www.piratesmagazine.com

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