15th - 2019


The Renaissance Festival Awards are Sponsored by:



First Place:  Photography By Michael Ulrich

Second Place:  Deborah Grosmark Photography
Third Place:  Festival Fotos By Jennifer Provost Photography

Purveyor of Goods

First Place:  Ye Scurvy Dog

Second Place:  Bowskin Archery & Buckskins
Third Place:  Father, Son, And Friends

Leather Craftsman

First Place:  Thatcher's Leather Artistry

Second Place:  Rev's Armour Werx
Third Place:  Red Paw Leather

Perfumes, Oils, Candles, Incense, and Soap

First Place:  The Soap Gypsy

Second Place:  Wood, Willow & Whatknots
Third Place:  Global Scents

Wood Crafts

First Place:  Oakheart Armory

Second Place:  The Knarly Knot
Third Place:  Rotten Dave'S Wooden Mugs

Wearable Accessories

First Place:  Chainmaille Fashions

Second Place:  Broomhilde
Third Place:  Henna Illuminata


First Place:  Clay Maiden

Second Place:  Corvus Moon Pottery
Third Place:  Kc Pottery


First Place:  Ravens Glass

Second Place:  Daydream Dragons
Third Place:  Wicked Winglings

Book Makers and Scribes

First Place:  The Goblin Trader

Second Place:  Arte Of The Booke
Third Place:  Scribal Workshop


First Place:  Blackhawk Metal Works, Llc

Second Place:  Studio De Sade
Third Place:  MarrusArt


First Place:  Pendragon Jewelry

Second Place:  Uncommon Adornments
Third Place:  Twisted Spiders

Food and Drink

First Place:  The Garlic Shop

Second Place:  Dragon Ice Cream
Third Place:  The Meat Lady


First Place:  Damsel in this Dress

Second Place:  Catskill Mountain Moccasins
Third Place:  Pendragon Costumes

Hair Braiding

First Place:  French Braids By Twisted Sisters

Second Place:  Manes Managed
Third Place:  none

Toys, Games, and Entertainment

First Place:  East Wind Trading Company

Second Place:  Mick Art Productions
Third Place:  Event Quest


First Place:  Dragon'S Head Forge

Second Place:  Legacy Forge
Third Place:  Wildsteel Kingscraft

Top 10 Favorite Online Garb Retailer

1st.:  www.damselcorsets.com
2nd:  www.Moresca.com
3rd:  www.sonofsandlar.com
4th:  www.pendragoncostumes.com/
5th:  www.catskillmoccasins.com
6th:  www.got-kilt.com
7th:  www.piratefashions.com
8th:  www.pandorascloset.co
9th:  www.zootzu.com
10th:  www.threadsoftime.com

Top 10 Favorite Online Wearable Accessories Retailer 


1st.:  www.clipclocks.com
2nd:  www.celticleatherworks.com
3rd:  www.roguesteel.com
4th:  www.trinketscostumes.com
5th:  www.yescurvydog.com
6th:  www.celticleatherworks.com
7th:  www.Grimfrost.com
8th:  www.twistedspiders.com
9th:  www.saphireandsage.com
10th:  www.starfireswords.com


Physical Stage Act

First Place:  Joust Evolution

Second Place:  Bad Idea Variety Show
Third Place:  Barely Balanced

 Story Tellers

First Place:  Terry Griffith, the Irish Troubadour

Second Place:  Alexander Silver Traveling Bard
Third Place:  The Skald's Circle


First Place:  The Vodca Family

Second Place:  Hips of Destruction
Third Place:  Pirouette the Magical Dancer

Adult Comedy Act

First Place:  Washing Well Wenches

Second Place:  Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
Third Place:  Menage a Moi

General Audience Comedy Acts

First Place:  Cirque Du Sewer

Second Place:  The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told!
Third Place:  The Gwendolyn Show

 Acts Geared Toward Children

First Place:  Shakespeare Approves

Second Place:  Pirouette the Magical Dancer
Third Place:  Cutlass Cooking

 Bag Pipe And Drum Acts

First Place:  Tartanic

Second Place:  Pictus
Third Place:  Haggis Rampant

 Large Musical Acapella Stage Acts

First Place:  Queen Anne's Lace

Second Place:  Whiskey Bards
Third Place:  Bounding Main

 Large Musical Variety Stage Act

First Place:  The Crimson Pirates

Second Place:  The Bilge Pumps
Third Place:  Wolgemut

 Large Musical Adult Stage Act

First Place:  Musical Blades

Second Place:  The Shanty Shipwreck Show
Third Place:  Pirates Inc.

 Small Musical Variety Stage Act

First Place:  Celtic Mayhem

Second Place:  Songs Of The Nightingale
Third Place:  Bell Book and Canto

Small Instrumental Stage Act

First Place:  Gypsy Rox

Second Place:  Nazario Chickpeazio
Third Place:  Music the Gathering

 Small Musical Stage Act* 

(*Celtic Folk Irish Sci-fi Traditional)

First Place:  The Reelin’ Rogues

Second Place:  The Harper and The Minstrel
Third Place:  Cheeks & Phoenix

 Small Adult Musical Stage Act

First Place:  The Dublin Double

Second Place:  The Graces
Third Place:  Drunk & Sailor

 Small Acapela Musical Act

First Place:  Chaste Treasure

Second Place:  Bardy Pardy
Third Place:  Sirena

 Solo Instrumental Act

First Place:  The Lady VictoriaSecond Place:  Sarah Marie Mullen
Third Place:  Mistress Kathleen

 Solo Variety Act

First Place:  The Minstrel Rav’n

Second Place:  Gibbon the Troubadour
Third Place:  Luku the Mad Skald

 Solo Musical Act *

(*Celtic, Folk, Irish, Sci-Fi, and Traditional)

First Place:  The Pride of Ireland

Second Place:  Marc Gunn
Third Place:  Tinker MacLea


Fairy / Fantasy Festivals

First Place:  A Gathering of Rogues and Ruffians

Second Place:  Ashville Viking Festival
Third Place:  Baltimore Faerie Faire

Medieval Festival

First Place:  Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Second Place:  Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival
Third Place:  Hoggetowne Medieval Faire


First Place:  Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Second Place:  Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
Third Place:  Escondido Renaissance Fair

Great Lakes

First Place:  Bristol Renaissance Faire

Second Place:  Ohio Renaissance Festival
Third Place:  Michigan Renaissance Festival

Far West

First Place:  Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Second Place:  Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival
Third Place:  Spring Fairy Festival


First Place:  Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Second Place:  Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow
Third Place:  Central Missouri Renaissance Festival


First Place:
 Maryland Renaissance Festival

Second Place:  New York Renaissance Faire
Third Place:  Sterling Renaissance Festival

New England

First Place:  King Richard's Faire

Second Place:  Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire
Third Place:  Connecticut Renaissance Faire


First Place:  Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Second Place:  Carolina Renaissance Festival
Third Place:  Florida Renaissance Festival


First Place:  Texas Renaissance Festival

Second Place:  Scarborough Renaissance Festival
Third Place:  Arizona Renaissance Festival


First Place:  The Colorado Renaissance Festival

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