Saturday, December 25, 2021

2021 Merchant Registration

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Registered Merchants

3 Dandelion Seeds

Handmade ceramic ware inspired by nature and fantasy. Jewelry, functional and decorative items.

AC5 Chainmaille

Handcrafted Chain and Scalemaille Jewelry and Armor

Aradani Studios

Making and selling elf ears, horns, and other costuming accessories since 2002

Art of the Brothers Bielaczyc

Artwork and Books

Arte of the Booke

Bookseller. We offer published books, writing supplies, handbound journals, calligraphy artwork, and wax seals.

Arts Emporium

Website is unknown.
Calligraphy, custom artwork, and some magical tools such as wands

At The Top

No Website Submitted

We make leather masks in all sorts of elegant designs from whimsical animals to enchanting fairy creatures, and all sorts of hats and headwear.

Blackhawk Metal Works

Hand-poured pewter figurines and bubble wands made out of recycled copper and brass. Metal art/silhouettes.

Boar's Head Leather

Hand made leather mugs and other leather products proudly made in St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Catskill Mountain Moccasins

Custom hand made footwear


Hidden Watches in various themes. They pin on and flip down to keep anachronistically correct at Faire.

Dacian Falx Leathersmith

Dacian Falx Leathersmith makers of fine jack ware (blackjacks, bottles, bombards, costrels, etc.), belts, accessories, bags, purses, and one-off custom pieces.

Daydream Dragons

Handmade polymer clay dragon figurines

Designs by Kate

Specialize in Men's Garb and accessories

Diaz art glass

Website Unknown

Hand sculpted glass featuring sea life, wildlife, and fantasy

Bowskin Archery

hand crafted traditional, historical, fantasy archery products, missile weaponry, and micro tannery

Dragon's Head Forge

Blacksmith & Metal Sculpture

Dragonfly's Realm

Ancient board games in both wood and our patent-pending pouched game format as well as puzzles and novelties.

Eugenie's Scots N' Knots LLC

Hand-made clothing, one-of-a-kind corsets, and bodices. 

East Wind Games

A game, books, tarot shop with a focus on historical and history-themed goods.

Enchanted Huts

Create Your Own Fairy House or Gnome Hut Craft Kit, Activity craft booth, or take home a kit to make later

Father, Son, & Friends

A medieval mercantile with a Celtic flair

Feather In Your Cap

I make costumes and accessories that are fun and colorful. 

Forest Quest (AKA: Albright Quest, Medieval Quest

Players purchase a scroll from an NPC and explore the festival deducing riddles, finding clues in order to solve a puzzle, and be celebrated for their heroism.

French Braids by Twisted Sisters

Quality Hair Braids for Discerning Gentlefolk

Garlic Festival Shop

Our family makes garlic based spices, pickled garlic, salsa, and marinades

Global Scents

We manufacture and produce Essential oils, Essential incense, scent amulets, resin incense, incense burners and smokers and bathing crystals, and custom scented lotions.

Haires Magical Wears

Handcrafts Fantasy Wire ear cuffs, Dragon wands made from real horn and crystals, and cast aulter plaques. We also hand-carved drinking horns/cups and cut war horns and chauffeur's alone with hand-stitched leather holders.

Hang deSign

Words of wit and wisdom for thy home, garment, places of employment, and retreat.

Henna Illuminata

At Henna Illuminata we use only the highest quality 100% natural henna, and our expert artists are well versed in both traditional and modern designs. 

Hickory Arms

Hickory Practice swords for Martial Arts, Stage Combat, Historical Reenactment

Kamala Perfumes

Essential oils, perfume oils, incense, soap, lotion, and herbs. 

KC Pottery

we specialize in functional reduction fired stoneware

King's Carvings

I do woodworking and wood burning. I make art, shields, furniture, toys, and games.

Lost Viking's Hoard

No Website Submitted

Wares to complete your inner Viking 

Manes Managed

Manes Managed creates historical and fantasy braided hairstyles.

Mels magickal meals

Hand pies, Scotch Eggs, loaded potatoes, Texas chili, 

Oakheart Armory

Hand-made and painted wood shields for steel fighters, laypersons, cosplayers, and children.  Wood swords and Custom leatherworking. 

R. E. Piland Goldsmiths

Limited-edition Celtic jewelry in sterling silver or 14kt gold with gemstones. Our jewelry celebrates the art of our ancestors with a renewed spirit and is not reproduction work." 

Reannag Teine

Historically inspired pottery for the modern person

Red Falcon

Everything from stainless and leather armor to leather accessories – pouches, belts, fascinations- to leather and cloth clothing, corsets, and coats.

Red Paw Leather

We are leathercrafters who specialize in all of your unique faire, piratical, and Viking leatherwork and accessories and outerwear.

Retriever Soapworks

Homemade goat milk soap with milk from our herd of goats. Soap makers to the royal court

Rotten Dave's Wooden Mugs

Wooden beer/coffee mugs bowls platters, Crotchet toys, Crotchet bags

Scribal Work Shop

Handmade historical illuminated manuscripts, writing tools, journals, inks, knives, tools, and fiber arts tools.


Hyper-adjustable riveted-seam (no gluing or sewing) leather clothing...with pockets!

Studio de Sade

We are a Columbus-based, pirate-themed art studio that creates archival quality prints of our work, which includes both original gallery art and art deco interpretations of pop culture images. 

Tea and Strumpets

Website Unknown

A Tea bar.  We have our own line of teas, each flavor inspired by the personality of a dynamic woman from history.

The Peacock Tea Room

The Peacock tea Room is an open-air, rustic, English-style Tea Room inside the Georgia Renaissance festival grounds. We serve 46 types of teas, iced and hot along with sweet and savory menu items.

Thatcher's Leather Artistry

Costume accessories; belts, bracers, pouches, frogs, baldrics, sheathes, etc. 

The Oracle

Unknow Website

The Oracle is a metaphysical shop geared toward those who practice alternative religions and spiritual paths.

The Soap Gypsy

Soaps, Salts, Oils, Crowns, and Apothecary Goods

The Unremembered Realms

I write books, illustrate, build games, play music, and make spices.

Wicked Winglings

I hand sculpt wickedly cute polymer clay dragons.

Wood, Willow & Whatknots

Website Unknown
Oils, Incense, soap, hand-burned wooden art, and hand-beaded jewelry.

Ye Scurvy Dog

Swords, knives, and custom leather and costuming.

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