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2022 Results


The 17th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards

The Awards are sponsored by the Renaissance Festival Podcast and brought to you by the Renaissance Festival Awards Committee.

There were 345 Votes in 18 Categories. 

Categories were limited due to participation. 

First Place Festival

Scarborough Renaissance Festival

2511 FM 66     Waxahachie, TX

Inaugural date: 04/25/1981

Second Place

Bristol Renaissance Faire

12550 120th Ave.     Kenosha     WI 53142

Inaugural date:  07/09/2022

Third Place

New York Renaissance Faire

600 Rt. 17A Tuxedo, NY 10987

Inaugural date: 07/16/1977

First Place Food and Drink Vendor

Mels Magickal Meals

Magickal menu of Handpies, Scotch Eggs, chili, soups, loaded fries and more!

 Second Place

Dave's Mini Donuts

We are a family owned and operated traveling cafe.

We make Mini Donuts by the Dozen, Roast our Coffee by the pound, and serve breakfast lunch & dinner!

Third Place

Let Them Drink Cake

Boozy cakes in mason jars!

First Place Apparel

Fionas Fineries

Makers of historically inspired clothing, and accessories

 Second Place

Premier provider of high-quality, affordable, handcrafted leather goods for pirates,

Vikings,  warriors,  barbarians, and regular folk!


Third Place

Chained Reaction Chainmail

Chainmail and scale mail jewelry, armor, and other wearables.

First Place Accessories Vendor

Pendragon Jewelry

We specialize in unique sterling silver designs set with semi-precious stones.

 Second Place

Boar's Head Leather

Hand-made leather mugs, cups, and leather goods.

Third Place


Hidden Watches in various themes. They pin on and flip down to keep anachronistically correct at Faire.

First Place Artwork

Twisted Thistle Trading Co

Dealers in Mischief & Mayhem.  We hand-make wooden signs & shields, hand-sewn

stuffed dragons, hand-sculpted polymer clay figures, and handcrafted leather items.

 Second Place

The Royal Candle Maker

Handmade Refillable Carved Candles since 1988

Third Place

Haires Magical Wears

Handmade Fantasy ears, Viking war horns, cups, and mugs carved by us, Dragon horn wands made with real crystals, and many more fantasy items


First Place Housewares

The Knarly KNot

We create handmade works of functional art that enhance the drinking experience of our customers.  Our wooden mugs and tankards are the perfect accessory in any setting.

 Second Place

Dragon's Head Forge

Blacksmith & Metal Sculpture

Third Place

Blackhawk Metal Works, LLC

Hand-poured pewter figurines, bubble wands from recycled copper, and custom metal silhouettes. All of our metal products are made in our shop.

First Place Entertainment Vendor

Dragonfly's Realm

Ancient board games in wood and in our patent-pending pouched game version. Dice of all kinds as well as other gaming novelties. Toys, puzzles, and other original artwork.

 Second Place

East Wind Games

A small husband- and wife-owned business dedicated to the concept of Ludo Ergo Sum (I play, therefore I am).

Third Place

Forest Quest

Players purchase a scroll with riddles leading them to destinations in the festival to find clues and solve a puzzle.

First Place Adult Act

Chaste Treasure

Truly a treasure, but questionably chaste, Chaste Treasure delights audiences with their tight harmonies, witty banter, and sassy double entendre.  /

 Second Place

Menage a Moi Comedy

Naughty, bawdy entertainment that is humorously indecent but always discreet. Mature content, not suitable for young children.  /  Facebook

Third Place

Opal & Jade: Off-Colored Treasures

Opal and Jade are saucy singing sisters, professional wenches, and aspiring musicians, comedians, and general entertainers.

Music in the Lanes

Vince Conaway

Vince Conaway can be found performing on hammered dulcimer throughout the Americas and Europe with music ranging through original, medieval, and renaissance repertoires

 Second Place

John O'Monroe

John O'Monroe is a master of world percussion, performing on hammered dulcimers, hand drums, and in drum jams.  /  Facebook

Third Place

Zeek Elmshade

A 7.5ft tall satyr, druid, storyteller, and also a huge fan of humans!


First Place Favorite Variety Act in the Lanes

The Bristol Buskin Frolic

BBF is the life of the party on the streets of Bristol! Variety through and through, we sing, dance, joke, and juggle about the city!


 Second Place

Aysun the Mermaid

Aysun the Mermaid loves visiting villages, and sharing facts, jokes, a tales of the sea.


Third Place

Heartland Fairies

The Heartland Fairies performing troop of fairies that travel the Enchanted Trails sharing fairy stories, games, and shenanigans!  /  Facebook

First Place A Cappella

Queen Anne's Lace

Lovely Ladies... Lovely Voices... Lots of Cleavage!  /  Facebook

 Second Place

Bounding Main

They are Maritime-themed acapella performers that bring the listener into the world of fellowship, adventure, and romance with humor and harmony.  /  Facebook

First Place Instrumental


The 20-year history of bringing the noise with world-champion bagpipers, tribal drums, dance, and comedy!  /  Facebook

 Second Place


Primal drums and bagpipes punching you in the ancestry since 2012.  /  Facebook

Third Place

Erika the Harpist

Celtic Harpist specializing in music of the Renaissance and Medieval periods, enchanting Celtic folk music, and popular fantasy music from film, TV, and video games.  /  Facebook

First Place Solo Stage Act

Shakespeare Approves!

Join your friendly, neighborhood Shakespeare in an audience-interactive, comedy improv Shakespeare show where everyone dies and you'll be loved to death!  /  Facebook

 Second Place

The Gwendolyn Show

Is an interactive comedy storytelling show, where anything will happen and is always ridiculous!

Youtube  /  Facebook

Third Place

The Idiot Ric Roc

A high-energy, family-friendly, improvisational performer, has been a favorite of audiences for decades.  /  Facebook

First Place Large Musical Act

Musical Blades

Pirate music and comedy all wrapped up like a big cheesy burrito!  /  Facebook

 Second Place

Celtica Fae

We are a fae creature band featuring Celtic, Irish, and folk music. Both with vocal and instrumental charm.


Third Place


Michigan's most dynamic Celtic band.  /  Facebook

First Place Dance Act

Misfit Gypsies

Misfit Gypsies have been sharing their love of Middle Eastern (fusion) dance for over 20 years.

 Second Place

Roses of the Realm

Acclaimed Bellydance, comedy, and music performance troupe best known for performing at CRF!  /  Facebook

Third Place

Gan Ainm

Gan Ainm plays fun shows for the Dancers at Scarborough Renn Festival - always new and interesting!


First Place Physical Performers

Viking Encampment

The Viking Encampment melds education and entertainment in their shows and encampment. The creators believe in an immersive experience and include patrons in their stories, lectures, crafting, and games.  /  Facebook

Second Place

Noble Cause Productions

Touring across the U. S., but with performing credits all over the world, Noble Cause Productions is a trained theatrical joust troupe.  Skilled in lance passes, staged stunt combat, sword, shield, staff, and multiple medieval weapons.


Third Place

Brotherhood Knights of Gore

Full contact armored fighting.

First Place Small Musical Act

The Langer's Ball

The Langer's Ball is the hardest-hitting duo on the circuit, playing High-Energy Irish Folk Punk!  /  Facebook

Second Place

3 Pints Gone

Celtic music band, with an interactive twist.

Third Place

Rover's Way

This duo travels the country, sharing their passion for the folk music tradition and their love of the winding road.  /  Facebook

First Place Small Variety Act

Daniel GreenWolf & Bella: Celtic Magic

Celtic Magic, Comedy, & Possible Doomity Death  /  Facebook

 Second Place

Judas and Magnolia

Judas and Magnolia are a husband and wife team of escape artists.  /  Facebook

Third Place

The Sisters Pendragon

We perform comedic enactments of lesser-known folk tales with stage combat and a feminist bent.


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